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We are DaDo24, we can ensure for you:

Exclusive registered office

for your company and self-employed persons in Prague 2 – Vinohrady handled within 24 hours online and priced from just CZK 1,111/year.

Company foundation

made-to-measure, including a registered office in Prague 2 for 1 year free of charge within 24 hours and priced from just CZK 11,111

Many other services

including the offer of companies paying VAT , bookkeeping and purchase of your company. All within 24 hours.

Price list of services

Prices for provision of services
Virtual registered office 1
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 1 year
2 222
CZK / 1 Year
Virtual registered office 2
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 2 years
Discount 5%
2 111
CZK / 1 Year
Most popular
Virtual registered office 3
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 3 years
Discount 10%
1 999
CZK / 1 Year
Virtual registered office 5
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 5 years
Discount 20%
1 777
CZK / 1 Year
Virtual registered office 7
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 7 years
Discount 30%
1 555
CZK / 1 Year
Most advantageous
Virtual registered office 10
Seat: Prague 2
Duration of lease: 10 years
Discount 50%
1 111
CZK / 1 Year

Services provided

Complete turnkey establishment of a limited-liability company and joint-stock company from CZK 11,111
Provision of a registered office at an exclusive address
Price list
Bookkeeping at prices from CZK 500 per month
Companies paying VAT waiting for you at prices from CZK 66,666, including a registered office for 2 years free of charge
Establishment offshore in Liberland, voluntary taxes and bookkeeping
Purchase of your company for a price beginning at CZK 49,999.
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Interesting figures

There are some figures below that reveal a lot.
Number of years in the market:
We started in the new millennium, and it has been a great ride ever since.
Do you want a lift?
Number of companies established in 2020
We are not lazy. We managed to establish 311 companies in 2020.
This year, we would like to double that number, will you help us?
111 virtual addresses all over the world.
We apply experience acquired all over the world in local markets.
Will you give us a chance?
You won't regret it.
We own all of the addresses and we guarantee you that the registry office will stay with us and wait for your children.

Company highlights

Why get a registered office from DaDo24?

Exclusive address:

Záhřebská 562/41

Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Everything handled online within 24 hours

Great prices from CZK 1,111/year

Our clients trust us

Jana R.

Our cooperation was without problem. They arranged all of the administrative matters regarding the registered office within a few minutes and set it up within 24 hours. The cooperation was excellent in terms of both the professional and human aspects. I can only recommend.

Karel N.

Excellent communication. Everything done within a few hours. I will definitely recommend DaDo24 to my friends

Ivan K.

 You can really rely on the guys at Dado24. Excellent approach and everything without difficulty.

Kateřina P.

Everything is handled online and completed within 24 hours. This is the way services should be provided in the 21st century. Excellent idea and service.

Marco S.

As a native Italian, I predominantly appreciate the option to choose your language, everything then made more sense. I ordered the registered office online and nobody had to help me.

Pavel F.

They helped me set up a business and then offered bookkeeping as well. Thanks to these services, I can focus on my business and sleep well.

Karel K.

I needed to become a VAT-payer due to a wholesale business, which is an incredibly demanding bureaucratic process in the CR. Thanks to DaDo24, I could open my business within 24 hours.

Martina N.

Unfortunately, due to the corona virus and consequent restrictions I lost most of my income. Nevertheless, DaDo24 helped me within 24 hours and I can breathe freely again.